Today, I’m starting this blog as a journal of sorts to chart my progress and share what I have and will learn along the way. I am 8 weeks into my workouts and have been encouraged by the progress I have gained thus far. Now for my story.

I was determined not to end up after pregnancies with a body I didn’t recognize. After my first child,I was pretty successful. Not to say my body was the same size as it was before I had her, but I was able to lose the weight I had gained and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly. However, most of my success I will have to be honest was due to being active and a high metabolism. I did not really have to work at it. My second child however, was a different story. She was a high maintenance baby and needed me all the time, add that to the medical problems I had after giving birth to her, made it impossible to lose the weight right away.

I admit I got bogged down in life after my second child was born. Losing the weight I had gained just didn’t seem like a high priority and like I said I hadn’t had to work at losing it before so it didn’t seem like it was a big deal. Until my husband decided to get in shape. He started losing weight and asking for my help meal planning wise. Watching him get leaner and fit was a wake up call to me. In 2009, in three months, I worked off 30 pounds. I was determined to get to a healthy weight and I made it halfway there, when again life got in the way. We moved across the country and went through some difficult times as a family. Needless to say the next four years I managed to gain it all back and then some.

I decided I needed to change and tried to get motivated to lose weight again, only to discover a new hurdle. I had never had to deal with migraines before, but now I had chronic migraines. My doctor figured out what was causing them and I underwent surgery in September 2014. After I recovered and we had gone through another move across the country, I decided to try again.

This time I decided to work hard and persevere with no great expectations. I met with my doctor who put in touch with a great nutritionist, seriously the best nutritionist I’ve ever met with. She encourages me and works with my goals and has a down to earth style that makes me feel like I could mess up my meal plan and she wouldn’t judge me. I’ve met with others who throw their pamphlets at me and make me feel like a bad child that got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. That approach doesn’t work for me. I needed advice and someone I could ask questions to without feeling judged. I highly recommend meeting with a nutritionist at least once in your weight loss journey. They have a lot of very useful information on where to begin, what habits you have that need to change, what bad habits you could be doing that your children are picking up, recommend a calorie goal, and give you some accountability for losing weight. Getting on that scale makes me nervous, but if the numbers are good, I always feel great afterwards. 🙂

I have lost 20 pounds now, but my goal is bigger than a weight loss number this time around. Last time I stopped before I was truly done and I believe it is because I gave myself a time limit. I didn’t look at this as a life goal or a life change. I want to be the active person I used to be. I loved myself, my quality of life, and my experiences when I was that person. That is who I want to be again. I do not want to be limited by my weight and my body anymore. Now is the time to change that for good.

I started this blog as a journal for myself on this weight loss journey. I’m not expecting big results or a high amount of followers. I just wanted to share my thoughts and if I had any information that I thought might be useful to someone, then I’d share it. I hope someone finds this and is helped by it someday, until then I will keep writing, Stay Active! 🙂


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