Rewards are Important!

Rewarding yourself for a job well done is an important part of goal setting. I have done a few large rewards for myself and small rewards for myself. I find that rewarding myself for the small achievements works best. Since this is a change of lifestyle for myself, not a short-term losing weight thing, I wanted to set a lot of short goals and rewards system for myself. This way I have a lot of great things to look forward to.

One thing to always remember when setting goals is to celebrate the small things. If you feel like you have no stamina and you have gradually worked your way up to walking 3 miles a day every day, celebrate it! If you couldn’t do the full ab workout before and now you can, celebrate it! You know yourself best and know what you can and can not do. Ease your way into working out so you don’t burn yourself out. That way you have plenty of milestones to celebrate.

Now, if you are like me, you are asking yourself, “What should I reward myself with? I buy everything I need, when I need it.” Think of things your would like to get as gifts and give them to yourself, but please, please, please DO NOT reward yourself with food. That is defeating the purpose and not a good idea. Remember you worked hard for the results that you are getting and you do not want to take two steps back for every one step forward.

If you want ideas, I am including my rewards system to help give you ideas. I am doing a dual reward system. I am rewarding myself for losing a certain amount of weight, but if I plateau I wanted to also be rewarding myself for not giving up for continuing to push on and through it, so I have rewards for continuing to exercise every month and for losing a certain amount of weight.

Monthly Rewards:

One Month of continuous exercising – Skin Care

Two Months of continuous exercising – Pedicure

Three Months of continuous exercising – Hair Done

Four Months of continuous exercising – Massage and Relaxation Day

Five Months of continuous exercising – Gel Nails

Six Months of continuous exercising – Facial

Seven Months of continuous exercising – Run a 5K

Eight Months of continuous exercising – Hair Extensions

Nine Months of continuous exercising – Total Makeover (Spa, Wax, Hair, Nails & Pedicure, New Outfit)

Ten Months of continuous exercising – Photo Shoot

Eleven Months of continuous exercising – New Wedding Ring

Twelve Months of continuous exercising – ME, The New Me IS My Reward!!! 🙂

Losing Weight Rewards:

Lost 20 Pounds – Teal Workout Outfit

Lost 40 Pounds – Purple Workout Outfit

Lost 60 Pounds – Blue Workout Outfit

Lost 80 Pounds – Pink Workout Outfit

Lost 100 Pounds – Green Workout Outfit

I hope this gives you some ideas that will work as rewards for you. As always Stay Active!


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