Workout Calendars for Weeks 1 – 12

I just wanted to share what I am doing. Currently I am working on my third month of Turbo Jam. I am on week 11. I knew that I wanted to start with Turbo Jam. I had used Turbo Jam previously and knew it worked, so I knew it was the right start for positive results. Since it had been a long time since I had worked out, I knew I needed to ease into it. Seeing results is good, but if you push yourself too hard you may injure yourself or start to dread working out. I wanted to see results and I knew I was in it for the long-haul for the overall outcome I wanted to see. I still am working on it too.

Weeks 1 – 4

The first month I worked with the Turbo Jam – Beginners Calendar from Beachbody.

Turbo Jam  Beginner Schedule

Weeks 5 – 8

The second month I used the Turbo Jam – Advanced Calendar from Beachbody.

Turbo Jam Advanced Calendar

Weeks 9 – 12

The third month I used a Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite Workout Calendar that I found on a Beachbody Message Board.

Elite Schedule

I haven’t gotten to the next stage of my workouts, but when I do I will share my workout calendars with you.

Next I plan on getting into Turbo Fire, until then Stay Active.


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