Weigh In Day

I thought I’d write a little intro for my guest writer today, Holly. This is my sister. She is here visiting for the summer. She asked me if she could join me on my workouts and healthy eating while she is here and of course I agreed. I have been a sort of cheerleader and accountability partner for her, while she has been an encouraging supporter for me. It has been a win-win for both of us. I asked her if she could be a guest writer for my blog and she agreed.

Guest Blog

Today was weigh in day. Weigh in day… the 3 words I most look forward to each  week. I know that sounds weird but doesn’t everyone love looking down at the scale and getting that reassurance that all the sweat and sore muscles are paying off? Well this week all the sweat and sore muscles were for nothing because the scale only gave me .7 pounds loss! .7 pounds is not enough to boost my faltering motivation and my resistance to fast food commercials! Losing .7 pounds is like telling me to sit on the couch and eat a donut!

But let me tell you I was so highly motivated to lose 2 pounds this week, (after my abysmal failure of a last week) I worked twice as hard at the Turbo Jam,  did a three-mile walk with more pep in my step and got all the great dubstep music playing  so loudly I swear I saw my 18 month old jamming out in the stroller. So tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and get motivated and do it all over again.

It really helps to have a workout buddy to encourage you when you are feeling down. My workout buddy Laura encouraged me by reminding me that a .7 loss is still a loss! She reminded me that we all plateau, we all have a week where we want to thrown in the sweaty towel and head for the nearest McGriddle, but keep at it and see what the scale says, next week! Better yet,I can tell the difference in energy and endurance, I may not have lost much weight last week but I am feeling strong and have more energy through out my day just because I’m working out everyday. I was able to DO the 3 mile walk and the 45 min of Turbo Jam! So I’m gonna look forward to my next weigh in day and work hard this week so I can see that scale go down and who knows, I might lose more than I expect!



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