Food is Yummy!

Food is fun and yummy! I like food. My family is maybe a little food obsessed. Ok a lot food obsessed. We love our food. We watch the Food Network shows quite often. Please don’t judge us. lol

The island is a fun place to be when you like food. There are a ton of different cuisines to choose from. It is as close as you can get to international cuisine as you can get in the United States, I think.

All that said, I thought I was not going to be able to eat out ever when I started this weight loss journey and we do love to eat out and try new foods. I was sad at first, until I decided not to “punish” or deprive myself of the experiences and cuisine I could be trying, in order to lose weight. I just needed to make wiser choices.

To start with I make sure to only eat half of what they serve. Portion sizes are out of control when you eat out. You don’t need to eat all the food that you are served. Most of the time, you will be full before you eat it all anyways, but you feel like you have to eat it all since you paid for it and it tastes so good. Don’t Do It! It’s a trap, as the gamer in me would say.

Second, choose something healthy when you order. Fish is always a good option. Also a lot of restaurants have healthy menus, with items that look and are very appetizing. Is a Salmon Burger going to taste like that Double Bacon Cheeseburger that you would have ordered before you started? No, but you may just find a new healthy food item that is a favorite now. I know I did. 🙂

Don’t starve yourself, but don’t over indulge yourself either. I am not a fan of the cheat day or cheat meal. That is because I know myself and I know that if I give myself one cheat day or meal I will ruin all the hard work that I have gone through. Also I may just give up and get discouraged if there is no change for a few weeks. I would rather work hard for my results and continually see results than to indulge and say, “Oh, it was because of Cheat Day.” No, that’s not for me. I am working hard to see results and want them for life, not for a little bit. Everyone is different though. Do what works best for you to get results.

I don’t think you should deny yourself either. If you love chocolate (like I do), then give yourself some calories to burn ever once in a while to get your chocolate fix. I have some Hershey Kisses that I will add into my lunch or dinner plan for dessert. Do I eat a bunch? No, I eat one or two, but I find that’s plenty to solve a craving for me and it’s only about 20 calories each. Then the other day I was in a grocery store and they had Kit Kat’s on sale, so what did I do? I bought one of course. lol I decided to be smart about it though. I put it in the fridge and waited for a low-calorie day, when that day came, I ate half and gave the rest to my kids.

Food is important! You need it to live. You also need it to be yummy, so you enjoy the experience. Make sure to feed your body, so that you can be letting your muscle burn the fat that is extra. If you are not feeding your body enough, your body will start to eat your muscle. Please don’t make that mistake and eat healthy. I am also completely against fad eating or dieting. I don’t diet! I eat healthy! There is a difference. Eating healthy means making the right choices, but not depriving your body of any nutrients that it needs. Can you eat sweets? Yes, pick the right kinds, Honey is a natural sweetener that is very healthy for your body. Can you eat red meats? Yes, control your portions. Can you eat a piece of that Peanut Butter Pie you made for your husband’s birthday? Yes, again only eat a few bites.

I’m not a nutritionist by any means. Everything on this blog is my opinion tempered with some common sense. I also am a huge fan of visiting a nutritionist or dietician before starting any kind of diet or healthy eating plan. A personal visit to someone who can get to know you and personally tailor something to you is an awesome idea! Every person is different and unique and has different needs for their body. As Always Stay Active!


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