Turbo Jam vs Turbo Fire

Guess What?

First off, I can’t say this is a complete review of the differences of the two different programs as I have not done a complete round of Turbo Fire yet. I am only giving you a brief summary based off my experience today. If you are looking for a review there are many that come up when you google it.

For the past three months I have been doing Turbo Jam with some great results. I shared my workout calendars/schedules for the first 12 weeks of my workouts. I lost approximately 2 pounds a week. I liked the workouts. The routines were challenging, fun and like I said I saw results.

Being a fan of Chalene, I decided Turbo Fire would be next, so I don’t get bored or get my muscles too used to doing the same thing over and over. I know myself though and know me getting bored would come first. I decided not to just jump into Turbo Fire. I had done that before and grossly underestimated my ability to complete the routines. I am currently using an integrated schedule using both Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire. It gradually increases the Turbo Fire programs until you are ready to jump into Turbo Fire with both feet, literally.

My workout calendar was created by Kim and Kalee Sorey from Sorey Fitness. They have created some amazing hybrid schedules as well as having a great blog. I contacted them to get permission to post the calendar on here and am including a link to their website to the calendar. Kim responded to me and was very nice. I highly recommend checking out their site.

Turbo Jam/Turbo Fire Hybrid Workout Calendar for Weeks 13 – 22

The first day was a Turbo Jam routine and it was great! Today though…well, today was tougher. We, my sister and I, did Turbo Fire’s Fire 45 EZ New in Class and Ab Igniter Class. I…am…so…tired. It is an intense class, not so much because of the moves, a lot of the moves are the same or similar to Turbo Jam but because of the fast pace. We did enjoy the class immensely.

We really appreciated the fact that there were pauses in the routine where Chalene would show us what was coming. She was just as encouraging as she was in the Turbo Jam program. We really liked the fact that there was someone on the video showing us the low impact options as well. We did not feel up to the high impact level as of yet, so that was really important to us.

We also really liked some of the reps. However, some of the reps seemed a little awkward to us. I feel after we get some of them memorized, we will be good to go, but today it was probably really funny to watch us flail about and attempting to keep up. We both had to take some breaks for water, but I feel like I definitely burned a lot more calories today than I did yesterday. Overall I’m excited to continue on and Stay Active!


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