People Watching

As some of you already are aware, I have been supplementing my workouts with brisk walking as well. I am up to 3 miles 5 days a week. I have found that there are many different kinds of people I meet on these walks. I decided to dedicate this blog post to them and yes, I categorized them in no particular order. What kind of walker are you?

                       Brisk/Speed Walker: This is me. I am out there walking to lose weight. I am working my body hard so I can burn calories. I’m pumping my little, short legs as fast as they can go building stamina so I can train for running later. Someday, I’ll be a runner…..someday.

                        Doing This Under Protest: I met this guy today. It was hilarious. You had laugh at the absurdity of the sight. He was frowning, dressed casually listening to music, walking along as casually as possible, avoiding eye contact with anyone he passed by, smoking a cigarette. You would think he was just walking along to go somewhere right? Nope, he was on a walking trail, looking like he was going through the motions, but he wasn’t going down without a fight. He was doing this under his own rules. lol

                        Dog Walker: I met this lady a lot. She walks two dogs by herself. She gives herself some great exercise as well as her dogs. She is friendly and so are her dogs. She doesn’t stroll, but she’s not all business like about her exercise either, somewhere in between.

                        Jogger: These People are all about the jogging. Sometimes you see them with a partner, but most of the time they are alone, the better to get exercise, my pretty. Hehe Most of the time Joggers are too winded to say hi, so don’t expect a long-winded “Good Morning” from them. However, you may get a smile, little wave, or a “hi” back.

                        Trainer/Trainee: I have met a few of these. Partners who are training seriously. A few days ago I saw a man and woman jogging along and a few days afterwards I saw them again. The man is always jogging in front setting the pace while the woman is running behind him focused on his back and when they walk back to wherever they came from they are laughing, smiling and joking with each other. They look to be training for something. Another lady I saw last week almost every day, but I just realized I didn’t see her this week at all. This lady trains alone, but wears ankle weights and swings her arms hard to train her body for running. These people are serious about something.

                        Committed Jogger Mom: This woman is my hero. Seriously, have you ever seen this woman? I met her on Tuesday. She was jogging, pushing a stroller with two kids in it and with a dog on a leash running next to her. I also met Superwoman on Monday. This lady was riding a bike with a kid’s trailer behind it and had two dogs on a leash. She had two kids, not babies, in the trailer along with another dog. Anyone who has pushed a stroller or biked with a trailer carrying two kids in it knows how heavy it can get. These women are amazing and deserve respect for their devotion!

                        Pained Walker: These guys make you wince when you see them. They are trying to work out for so many different reasons, but you can see the pain written all over them. I applaud them for getting out there and doing their best to get fit and staying active. Great Job guys!

                        Runner: My husband is one of these. He has been one of these since high school, so I think I know a little about them. They LOVE to run. When they run they go into their own little zone. They may or may not even see you if you pass them going the other direction they are so focused. They will go for a run anytime. There is no such thing as a bad time to go for a run, and if you ask my husband, if you are in a bad mood or have too much stress, and then go for a run! 🙂

                        Community Walker: These walkers you see every once in a while on the trail. They are not committed to walking, unless they can find someone to walk with. This is not so much about exercising so much for them as about the social activity. Would I love to have a walking buddy every day? YES! However, you need to have self-motivation in order to reach your goals and not depend on your walking buddy because life happens.

                        Stroller: No, I don’t mean someone who walks with a stroller. I mean someone who strolls, ambles, or generally is enjoying themselves far more than they should. If I sound jealous, I am. Lol I’m trying to lose weight here and they look far too relaxed for me being on the trail sweating my butt off. I feel self-conscious just being on the same trail as they are. Yes, I’m being sarcastic here if you can’t tell.

                        Smilers: A lot of people are friendly, but hey they are out there to work their bodies to dead. They are concentrating so hard they can’t spare the breath for more. Hey, I can’t fault you for that. Smiling is awesome! 🙂

                        Nodders: These are the people who are too cool for school or just to say anything or even to smile. These guys are a step up though from the Avoiders, at least they acknowledge your presence in their world. lol

                        Avoiders: These are the people who are very unfriendly, in pain, or working out a mood. Whatever the reason, they won’t look you in the eye and generally avoid any emotion such as a smile as well. I met one of those today.

                        Greeters: I’ll admit I fall into this category. I try to be friendly and greet people as I go by them. I like the interaction and making others smile.

                        Last but not Least, Kids: I must say these are the most fun to meet along the way. Kids are so natural in walking, running and riding bikes. Yesterday, I met a mom who was one of the Committed Jogger Moms and let me tell you I was truly impressed with how awesome her kids were. The two oldest were about 6 and 4 and riding their bikes. They rode ahead as fast as their little legs could peddle and stopped at every street until she gave the go ahead. It was awesome. Those boys were the best behaved I’ve seen in a long time and if I ever see her again, I’m gonna tell her what a good job she does with them.

Is there a category I missed or do you fall into one of these categories? Comment below with your thoughts. 🙂


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