Hiking in the Rain

In Hawaii something you always have to prepare and expect is the rain. It will rain somewhere on the Island at least once a day. Plans should never be canceled due to rain, just continue on and see what happens. We have had some fun experiences with this philosophy. Swimming in the rain and seeing people run to their hotels was fun. The sun came out soon afterwards and we had the beach all to ourselves. 🙂

The other day we went to our hiking location and found that although it was sunny at our house it was raining pretty hard when we reached the trail head. We ate our lunch in the car and got ready to start out. As we reached the trail, we realized the rain wasn’t going to let up and we were going to get wet. I knew I had put towels in the van before we left so I figured I’ll put my phone and watch away and keep going.

We had so much fun. It was still gorgeous and a great hiking experience. We were soaked when it was all over, but it was worth it. It just goes to show you that even when nature goes against you not to give up. Of course that is not to say you should go ahead in a hurricane or not to use your common sense, but if it’s a minor deterrent, don’t let it stop you from getting the activity you need or want. Remember Stay Active!


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