Couch to 5k – First Day

   Today, I completed Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5k (C25k).


First off let me say that I loved this app. I am excited to continue using it over the next eight weeks. There are many setting options you can use to personalize it for your preferences. I did not pay for the upgrade, so there are some options that are unavailable for me to use. What I really appreciated was the timer beep and the lady’s voice telling me it’s time to walk or it’s time to jog. There is also a feature to listen to music while you are using this app. I had no music uploaded to my phone so I did not use this feature. However, I will update this when I do use it to let you know how I liked it.


I was pretty excited and honestly nervous to do this today. It was rough for me though. I have worked myself up to briskly walking 3 miles, 5 days a week, but this was still a struggle for me. Basically the app asked me to warm up for 5 minutes then jog for a full minute finally brisk walk for a minute and a half. We repeated this for 8 jogs for a total of 30 minutes with our 5 minute cooldown. There were two jogs that I had to cut short. I felt I needed about two minutes in between for the brisk walk. I struggled to catch my breath a few times and definitely got a stitch in my side a few times.


I was happy with the app. I struggled with the workout layout of the program. Lastly, I was thrilled with myself for doing as well as I did. I was able to do the full 6 out of 8 jogs and only cut 2 short. YAY!!! Go me! 🙂 I also finished strong. The last section seemed the best one of all. I felt invigorated afterwards. Overall, I am happy with the results and hope that the next 8 weeks go well. I’ll keep you informed.


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