Workout Hairdos

My go-to workout hairdo is a messy bun. It’s easy to do, and I’m partial to the messy hairdos anyways. However, sometimes I get tired of having the same hairdo every day for my workout. I have been researching different hairdos and have found so many different styles. I started noticing, though, that a lot of them involve a lot of time beforehand in braiding. I love braids just as much as the next person, but I do not have the kind of time some people do for elaborate hairdos for my workout. I barely have time for the workout itself, and I don’t want to give up my workout time for my hairdo.

I found a few though that seem to pretty quick and I wanted to share them. I do have a few braided ones that I like, but usually they are quick. Remember when you are looking for a hairdo for your workout to think about what activity you are going to be doing. Are you going to be jumping around, laying on the mat, running, walking? Are you going to be inside or outside? Are you wearing a helmet or hat? All of these should be taken into consideration when deciding what to do with your hair. Another thing I have to take into consideration, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, are my “baby hairs” near my face that love to fly away and not stay in a hairdo. A great remedy for this is a Non-Slip Headband.

There are always the good ol’ classic hairdos. The Ponytail…The French Braid…The Messy Bun all of which can also be split into two. Here are a few of my other favorites.


Braided Ponytail                Mohawk Braid Ponytail


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