Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day

It’s the day we all look forward to. The day where we find out if the hard work we have been putting in has paid off. Do we get the pay off or disappointment? No matter which you find when you step on that scale remember that the hard work is paying off. Do Not Get Discouraged!

I have run the gambit on results and reactions on my weigh in days, and I have only been doing this for four months. Most times I end up with happy results. I have lost weight over the week. YAY!!! However, I have also had those I only lost .3 pounds, No pounds, or even the dreaded I gained weight this week. Eeeeek!

It’s rough, but I have found that if I just push past it then the next week I will see more results. One week of no weight lose will not break me. It won’t break you either, if you don’t let it. One such week I was upset and depressed, but I decided I was overreacting and if I kept it up I would be worse off next week. I took a deep breath, recorded the numbers in my app, ignored my feelings, and pushed past my thoughts. I worked hard that week and was happily surprised the next week with a 4 pounds weight loss number on the scale.

Sometimes, even from week to week, the numbers still fluctuate. Your body is still working to speed up your metabolism and you need to be patient in order to see the results you are desiring. Don’t give up! Build up the muscles in your body so they can eat the extra fat. Keep eating healthy foods to encourage your body to hang on to the good nutrition not the fatty foods. Exercise and stay active to work that metabolism into a fat burning machine and get those happy endorphins that will keep you motivated.

Ultimately that is what it all boils down too, motivation. Keep yourself going in the right direction and don’t let some undesired result stop you. Keep going! We are creating life habits you and I. We are going to keep this up for the rest of our lives and be happy healthy people. Remember to Stay Active!

Some weigh in tips:

  1. Weigh yourself once a week. Your weight will fluctuate from day-to-day and can get you questioning what you are doing. It’s better to keep working hard and stay off the scale than to see the numbers go up and down every day.
  2. The same time of day each week will keep your results consistent.
  3. Wear approximately the same clothes from week to week.
  4. Get yourself a digital scale or be sure your scale is at zero to start. There are some great ones out there that even measure your body fat, bone %, water and BMI.

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