What’s Up

I apologize for not posting in a while. My sister has been here for a visit this summer. She only has a few days left now, so we have been trying to pack an insane amount of things and activities into every day before she leaves. I want her to be able to see all the things she wants to see. When she goes back, hopefully she’ll have a tons of memories and stories to remember and share.

Just to keep you updated, I have been keeping up on my workouts and walking. I have not been keeping up on my calorie goal very well though. 😦 I had a few restaurants and food trucks I wanted to take my sister to and I may have gotten a little too excited a few times. I have been trying to stick to healthy foods, but sometimes there’s not many options when you go to food trucks. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but not surprised when for the last two weigh-in’s I found that I had not lost any weight. I was happy though that I had not gained anything though. YAY! Small celebrations are better than nothing I suppose.

I am looking forward to the next weigh-in. After seeing the last scale measurement, I was determined to not let that happen for a third week in a row. I have been strict with myself this week, so hopefully I can see some positive results next week. After my sister leaves, it will be easier for me to stick to my calorie goal. I’m sure we have all had this issue at one time or another, either traveling or having visitors. It can get tough on our dietary goals and workouts. I have been pretty proud of myself for doing as well as I have done while she has been here. Now I’ll have to see how well I do when I go visiting family and I don’t have control of the kitchen.


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