Walking Partners

In one of my past posts, I classified people you could see on your next walk or run. Today I thought it would be interesting to identify possible partners you may find yourself with while you are out exercising.

Most of the time when I’m out for my walks I see people in pairs or by themselves. If you are by yourself, then you are a lot like me, self-motivated and a go-getter. These people are ready to go and get their exercise on. They may have a partner that they would like to go with them or they may not. Either way they are going to get out there. The pairs that I see are always interesting though. It’s interesting to see how different people react and act to each other while exercising.

The first pair I’m thinking of is a pair we all love to hate. This is the “Perfect Pair”. You are sweating like a pig and enjoying getting your sweat on when they appear out of nowhere looking like they have been out for a while, but somehow they manage to still look good while you are looking like an ad for sweating with the oldies. How do they do it?

The next pair is the “Chatty Kathy’s“. These are usually girls and yes I said girls. I think they must think they are still in high-school gym class. I’m not sure you can call what they are doing working out, but they are getting exercise by walking, I guess. They are talking to each other so much they don’t even notice you walking along.

Serious Bidness” this pair is out there for one reason only, to get to work. They don’t have time to talk to each other, you, the dog or anything else. If you encounter this pair, run! I’m just kidding. This pair wouldn’t notice you if you did. lol

My favorite at the moment is the “Family Pairing or Group“. The reason this is my favorite right now is because I am working on getting my kids out and exercising. I don’t get the best walk or run with them along, but sometimes we have to work for the greater good of their health rather than ours. I greatly admire moms and dads who are able to work their kids into their workout. It teaches the kids great habits and shows them how to work it into their own schedules for the future.

On that note I think I’ll sign off. Let me know what kind of pairs you have found. If I see anymore I’ll let you know as well. Remember to Stay Active!


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