Hiking While Traveling

I wasn’t sure if this should be titled Hiking While Traveling or Adjusting When You Have Children and You are Traveling. I decided to go with the first one as you can see, because it’s shorter. However, either would be accurate in my case. We planned on hiking and continuing our traditions while we were traveling, but my daughter ended up hurting her foot so badly she was unable to walk for about a week. That messed up our plans for going on hikes with my sister and her family. My sister came up with an alternative plan though that was just as much fun and outdoors. We ended up enjoying ourselves immensely.

She suggested going on a picnic on top of Mount Spokane. At first I will admit, I was disappointed. I was looking forward to the hiking adventure and focused on the fact that we weren’t going to be able to hike. I was struggling to get past that fact. Eventually though I realized, my sister was right. Why not drive up there and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful views, and have a different kind of adventure? Why was this was such a problem for me I’m not sure, but it was. lol Long story short, we packed up a picnic and loaded everyone up. The drive was about 45 minutes, the fee was $10 a car, and it was worth it. The views from the top were spectacular! We could see for miles and miles around. The wind was so strong we all giggled and ate in the back of the SUV’s, but we all had a great time! Someday I’d love to go back there and hit those trails, but for this visit we have a great memory to bring home with us.

The moral of the story is when you are traveling with kids don’t forget that things may come up, injuries and sicknesses may happen. Don’t despair though, adjust. You can always make other plans and have a good time. Don’t be so married to one idea that if it doesn’t happen you are disappointed. Do something else that you can do and have a great time while you are traveling.


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