Getting Back into Your Routine: After You’ve Caught the Post-Traveling Blues

Well, the good news is we arrived home safely and love the fact that we are back on island with no problems or incidents at all. The warmth of the air has penetrated our bones, the feeling of being home has made us feel relaxed, and best of all the bags and things are all put away. 🙂 The only problem we had, was adjusting to being on the island again.

Like most people who travel with children we dealt with sickness the first few days of being home. We knocked it out fast with cold medicine and airborne (love that stuff! Tastes nasty though.) It was a struggle for me also to get back into the workout frame of mind. I was exhausted from traveling and not really in the mood. I had to tell myself it was ok that I missed a day of working out due to traveling and I didn’t try to make it up on the rest day either. I was exhausted and I didn’t want to come down with what the kids came down with. It is ok to rest, as long as you tell yourself not to give up and get back on the horse as soon as you can. Don’t stop working out altogether, but give yourself a break or some grace!

I decided to work my way back into working out as hard as I was prior to leaving on vacation gently. Only, I decided that after I almost injured myself pushing myself too hard. Please, don’t make that mistake. I scared myself into thinking I may have injured myself permanently. I decided to cut out my walking for the first week. I only did my Turbo Fire workouts to warm up my body to the climate. There was quite a climate change from Spokane, WA to Hawaii. I also did not beat myself up about missing my travel day, although I still feel guilty about it or I wouldn’t have mentioned it so many times already. Lol

Long story short, when getting back from traveling there is so much you think you have to do, but you don’t want to fall behind on your workouts either. Cut yourself some slack and tell yourself to ease into normal life again. Normal life and chores will still be there and your health and sanity is more important. I hope everyone who reads this finds it helpful. Stay Active!


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