Successfully Finding Time for Workouts

In order to be success in finding time for your workouts, you have to decide for them to not be negotiable. You read that correctly, You Decide. Make your workout times an appointment you can’t break. Your DVD, gym, running shoes, or however you workout is your date. They are your obligation that you can not break. I know this can be hard at times. It’s easy to keep appointments when others are relying on you. You don’t want to let them down even a little bit.

What about yourself? Is it ok to let yourself down when it comes to making that appointment to work out? The answer is no. It is not ok.

The first thing you need to work on to be successful is scheduling. Schedule your workouts so you can make that commitment. I like to workout in the morning before anyone else wakes up. I find it more successful for myself this way. Your schedule may not be the same. You may find that your workouts may be easier and uninterrupted if the kids are at school, after work to distress, or at a lunch or break time. Whatever, works for you to get your fitness in is the best time.

Sometimes I have had to make changes to my workout in order to get it in. Be flexible when change happens. We have struggled at times in the past to schedule things so that I can make appointments. There was a week where I had to drive my husband to work really early, do my DVD workout, take the kids to their appointment, go for my walk, and pickup the kids and husband afterwards. Only after all that was I then able to take a shower. I feel sorry for all the people who had to see me looking like a mess, however, I felt great. It was a crazy hectic time for our whole family, but I was determined to not let my workouts suffer. I could have just skipped the week. I could have cancelled the kids special events. I didn’t though. I knew how important it was to them, and I made the decision to roll with the punches. I was rewarded with the satisfaction that I could do it. I did it! You can too.

Believe in yourself and make time!


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