It’s all about Time – Fitness Watch Review

Samsung Gear Fit

I think I should start off with letting you know that the Samsung Gear Fit is a great fitness watch. I have liked it a lot. I have been using it for 6 months. I have worn it everyday and used it to track all my activities, steps, sleep, and last but not least, the time. I have a few issues with the watch, but on average I have found it to be very helpful for the purposes I needed a fitness watch for. However, I don’t think any watch would be perfect in every way for every person. There will always be pluses and minuses to everything.

First, let me tell you the positives, the Samsung Gear Fit is extremely accurate. This is important since you are using a fitness watch in order to track your activity level. Also the Bluetooth sync to your phone is perfect. Sometimes the watch will alert me to phone calls and texts before my phone does. I love this.

I like the different personalization options it has. This may seem like a minor thing, but when you have to live with your fitness watch for a few months, you will appreciate the personal touches that can make it seem more your own. There are also different color bands you can purchase to help with the personalization.

The water resistance of this watch is amazing. I will admit that I sweat a lot when I am exercising and I may have been caught in the rain a few times. It’s hard not to get caught in the rain here. The watch has not been affected by it at all. I would not purposely go out in the rain or go swimming while wearing the watch, but it does resist the water and keep on ticking.

The fitness menu on the watch itself is great. I love being able to check my progress while I’m out for a walk, hike, or run. An added bonus to me is that I do not have to have my phone with me. I can let my watch track the exercise, and it will automatically sync the information to my phone when I get in range.

The phone’s app is great. I am able to personalize which items I want for the app to track on my menu. I can see my fitness stats right from the home screen. I can deselect items I don’t want to track. There are more options for working out on the phone app than are available on the watch itself. I do wish for instance that I could track my HIIT workouts on my watch, but it does not have that capability.

Even with all the positive things I like about the Samsung Gear Fit, there are some things I have found that I dislike. I do not like how far it sticks out from my wrist. I have small wrists and it is a little bulky. I am very glad I bought a protection for the screen since I would have scratched it multiple times if I hadn’t put one on the watch face.

I also do not think the cost I paid for the watch up to the quality of the watch. I paid around $200 and the chrome edging is chipping on it. I wish it was a little more durable. I do think it has lasted for a good long time though, considering I’ve been wearing it day and night for 6 months.

I have had some issues with the watch shutting down randomly and needing a reboot. With that reboot I would lose all my settings and have to reset the watch back to my preferences. I thought about sending it in to get fixed. I called Samsung customer service and they were extremely kind. They offered to fix the watch and the return procedure was very simple. They even offered to pay the postage. However, I did not send it in, in the end. I was impressed with their customer service. A lot of times great customer service is what makes me a customer for life.

Even though there are some negatives to this watch that I have not enjoyed, I have to say, if I were to go back and purchase a fitness watch again, I would have purchased this one. I have definitely gotten some great use out of it and I like the fitness app that the phone runs on. Overall I have loved my watch and been very happy with it. I hope this review has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, leave me a comment. 🙂



Disclaimer: I am just giving my thoughts and opinions about this product. I have not been paid by anyone for my thoughts. I bought this item for myself after doing research on it and deciding I wanted to try it for me. I hope my thoughts are helpful to someone else thinking of buying a fitness watch that is why I am sharing them.


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