Autumn has Arrived

Let nature inspire you, not drive you indoors hiding. Most of the time when cold weather hits, I find myself driven indoors trying to keep warm and cozy usually with a book. This year, adjust your routine if necessary but get outdoors. Let the beautiful fall leaves and colors inspire you.

Don’t go for a fitness walk on your normal trail. Why not look for a beautiful nature walk or trail to take instead? I am a photographer, so I take my camera everywhere. For this though, don’t load yourself down with a camera or other equipment. Just look around you as you are exercising and enjoy the beauty that is before you.

Everyday I pass by people exercising that are so focused on what they are doing they barely, if at all, lift their heads up. I am saying, don’t be that person. Let nature’s beauty distract you from the effort you are putting in to exercise and enjoy yourself. Take deep breaths of the fresh air, it won’t be long before snow comes and you will have to be indoors whether you like it or not. Enjoy the fall breezes while they last.


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