Dress for Success

Cold Weather Workout Gear

As the weather gets colder outside, warmer clothing is essential for you to purchase. It is easy to fall into the trap of it’s too cold outside and not workout. I understand it may not always be possible to workout in the winter months or when snow and ice plague your area, but don’t let not having the proper gear or clothing stop you. There are plenty of other things that will.

No matter what region you live in or what the weather conditions will be like where you are, there are four items of clothing you should consider purchasing. The first one I’d like to mention is a hat. The head is very susceptible to heat loss and your ears to frostbite. Protecting them may seem like a no brainer, but I’ve seen a lot of people get frostbite, because they didn’t think about buying a hat or headband. The second is a pair of gloves. Believe me when I tell you your hands will thank you for that extra layer of protection. The third I’m sure you have guessed by now is a jacket. I don’t think this requires any explanation, so I’ll leave it at that. The final one is pants and maybe even a pair of special tights or leggings that go underneath those pants for extra warmth. I know I forget about my legs generally speaking, but it’s important to protect those muscles from the cold when exercising them.

Enough with the talking about what items to look for. Here are a few of my favorite choices for cold weather workout clothing that I have found this Autumn Season.


This lululemon headband is super cute and reversible. They have lots of headgear available in lots of styles. I included a link to their site.

JacketThis jacket is stylish and has everything you need in a running jacket including media access. It is lined in jersey with moisture wicking capabilities.

GlovesThese gloves sound great, but in my opinion, gloves need to be tried on first before you buy them.

PantsThese pants have a fun pattern on them, but still have all the requirements needed to keep warm during your workout.

Stay warm and active this winter season. 🙂


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