Music While Working Out

Music while working out is entirely optional. I was having a debate with my husband about it the other day. We have differing opinions about it. While he concedes that it is helpful to help you keep your pace while training, he does not see it as necessary. I am not sure I do entirely either after our discussion, however I am going to say that I think it is very helpful and I highly recommend it.

Let me just preference the rest of what I’m about to write with this, “I love music.” Music to me is as natural as breathing. I love listening, singing, and humming to music. It’s always been in my life and I hope always will be. Now as to why I like it while working out.

I like to listen to music for some of the most basic reasons. It gives my brain something to process instead of any pain, stress, or work I might feel while I’m exercising. I like how the different beats to music can help me keep up to a certain pace, particularly when I’m pushing myself to go farther or faster.

I also like to listen to music, because there is so much energy you can get out of it to keep going. You can lose yourself in a good upbeat song and forget that you are so tired you think your legs might fall off. There is something to that, that I can’t explain I can only say it has happened to me. There have been many mornings where I did not want to go anywhere, but I made myself get out there. I found myself cheered up and energized as I walked, some of that was from the endorphins, but believe me sometimes the beginning of an exercise routine can be the hardest and a little boost (in this case music) can go a long way.

Whatever kind of music you enjoy, try listening to it on your next walk and see if it helps you. Whatever you do though, “Stay Active!” 🙂


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