Thanksgiving Menu Planning

Earlier this week, I said I would be posting some healthy menu ideas for you to use for your Thanksgiving Dinner planning. However, as I started looking up recipes, I found an abundance of recipe ideas. I think the last thing I need to do is, add to the list of google searches that no one will read, because it is already posted from sources we know and love. I am pretty sure most people would use a recipe they found from the Food Network or the Cooking Channel before they would use a recipe from an unknown blog, therefore I am going to provide some links to some of the best recipe ideas I found. This will help you be able to wade through the recipes faster and help you to choose what to make for your Thanksgiving meal. I also found a couple of planning sheets that I really like and think you will too. This is what I am using to plan my Thanksgiving Day Menu, shopping list, and the make ahead of time things.

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

I personally love this site. When I was searching for healthier alternatives I found so many choices, but a lot of them were not traditional enough for me. They involved things we wouldn’t eat on a normal basis and my kids would be disappointed not to have some comforting and familiar food on the table for Thanksgiving. This article from Cooking Light has a list of foods so you can search for what you would like to make and the recipes are right there. It has suggested menus like a Make-Ahead Menu, Old-Fashioned Pork Roast Menu, Modern Elegance Menu, and even a Vegetarian Menu. I loved this organized approach. I think you will too. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Enjoy the process and remember to plan ahead.


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